Community Activities


The Hatfield Town area boasts a vast array of community and voluntary organisations.

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Clubs & Societies 

Notice Board

If you cannot find what you want please ring us on 01302 840347
If you wish your details to be added to the list - please contact us.

Village Halls

Victoria Hall
61 High Street,Hatfield, Doncaster DN7 6RS

Mrs Shaw, Booking Clerk 01302 350329

Dunscroft Community Centre,

St Lawrence Road, Dunscroft 

Mrs N Sturrock, Chairman 01302 883264

Dunsville Community Centre

High Street, Dunsville 

Bookings 01302 882602

Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall & Old Peoples Centre   

off Main Street, Hatfield Woodhouse 

Mr C Hepworth, Booking Secretary (1600hrs - 1800hrs) 01302 840437

Hatfield Woodhouse Village Hall & Old Peoples Centre   - What’s On

Mother & Toddlers


Weds & Friday Mornings

Jo Walker 07522 632 406

Martial Arts

Tues & Friday Evenings

James Newsome

07714 737 155



Tuesday Evening (7pm)

Amanda Hoff 07557 096 086


Monday Evening

Jackie Taggart 01302 355503

07447 029 248

Jive Infusion

Monday Late Evening

Janice 01226 759956

07719 189 863

Scouts, Cubs & Beavers

Weds Evening

Sue Lloyd (Beaver Leader)

07802 875 738

Amateur Radio Club


Tuesday Evening

Rich 07482 178 710

Line Dancing


Weds Evening

Fran Harper 01302 817124

Woodhouse Phoenix Theatre

Thurs and Friday Evenings

Sue Lane 01302 351978

07512 733 259


Thurs Morning

Andrea Hutchinson

07905 128 972


Thurs Evening

Kath Weeks 07704 702 782

Jane Wheatley 07817 947 244

Junior Phoenix


Saturday Morning

Tracey Conlon 07904 719 004


The management committee at Dunsville Community Centre has recently recruited several new members. These people bring with them new ideas to increase the use of the community centre. We have already secured funding to make the centre a more secure and welcoming place. If you haven’t been to the community centre for a while why not call in to see what is on offer, we think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

The centre currently has availability for bookings for regular and occasional use. If you are looking for a large room for an event, a small room for a meeting or some other use, why not contact us to see if we can help.

We also need more volunteers to help with the running of the centre, could you help?

We are now on Facebook and Twitter if you want to be kept up to date with what’s happening.


Dunsville Community Centre Association

High Street,



Tel 01302 882602




Notice Board      

Non-emergency number for South Yorkshire Police

You can contact South Yorkshire Police by phoning 101, the non-emergency number for South Yorkshire Police.

This number is intended to make it easier for you to contact South Yorkshire Police and report non-urgent crime and issues.


When should you call 101?
To report less urgent crime or disorder and for general police enquiries. For example:

  • if your car has been stolen;
  • if your property has been damaged;
  • when you suspect drug use or drug dealing;
  • to report a minor traffic collision;
  • to make us aware of policing issues in your area; or
  • for any other general enquiries
Using 101 for situations, that do not require an immediate police response (such as those outlined above) helps keep 999 available for when there is an emergency.

If you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, you can textphone us on 18001 101  or 0114 2523294 or send a text to 07786220022.

In an emergency - when life is in danger or there is a crime in progess you should ALWAYS call 999.




The New Community Safety Meetings have been set for the remainder of this calendar year, commencing Tuesday 12 April 2016.

Officers from the East LPU were holding a number of PACT or drop in meetings at a variety of locations across the east of Doncaster each month. However, these often had limited attendance and success across the force, which led to a decision being taken to review them and consider alternative engagement methods. It is the intention to hold one CSM in each of the three local policing unit areas, of which Doncaster East is one. The initial part of this meeting will follow a basic set agenda, but the vast majority of our time should be discussing community issues and concerns. Representatives of South Yorkshire Police will attend the meetings with colleagues from DMBC.


As such, in order to give people from the communities every opportunity to attend at least one meeting ever few months, the location for the meetings will vary. It is accepted this will not suit everyone, but obviously the force cannot accommodate the demands of every community.


In the table below the proposed dates, start times and locations of the CSMs are listed and the public are invited to attend as many of them as possible.






DMBC Area Manager

Tues 12 April 2016


OAPs Centre, Church Road


Mick Eardley

Tues 10 May


Community Centre, Church Road


Mick Eardley

Tues 14 June


Moorends Miners Welfare,


Mick Eardley

Thurs 14 July


Kinsbourne Green,


Salma Rashid

Thurs 18 Aug


Armthorpe Community Centre, Church Street.


Salma Rashid

Tues 13 Sept


Holmescarr Centre,


Donna Flicker

Wed 12 Oct


Castle Close Community Centre, Castle Close


Donna Flicker

Tues 15 Nov


Moorends Miners Welfare,


Mick Eardley

Tues 13 Dec


Community Centre, Church Road


Mick Eardley

Tues 17 Jan 2017


Kinsbourne Green,


Salma Rashid







As many of you my know, there have been a lot of problems in the area caused by the theft of cable.  If you see anything suspicious, please contact BT Security 24 hours a day on 0800 321999 or Crimestoppers 0800 555111.  There could be a £2000.00 reward for any information given.