Councillors' Surgeries

Councillors' Surgeries take place on the Saturday prior to the full Town Council meeting.  If you have any concerns that you wish to bring to their attention please pay them a visit at Hatfield Community Library between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.



Saturday 12 May

Saturday 9 June

Saturday 9 July

Saturday 10 September

Saturday 8 October

Saturday 12 November

Saturday 1 December 


Saturday 8 July- Councillor B Morrison and Mrs M Curran

Saturday 9 September

Saturday 7 October

Saturday 11 November

Saturday 2 December 


Saturday 6 February Councillors Ms V Moate & Ms L Curran
Saturday 12 March Councillors Mrs J Credland & Ms A Rutherford
Saturday 9 April Councillors W Morrison & Mrs M Curran
Saturday 7 May Councillors K Knight & Mrs P Sanderson
Saturday 11 June Councillors D Fiennes-Gregory & W Morrison
Saturday 9 July Councillors Ms L Curran & Ms V Moate
Saturday10 September  Councillors Mrs J Credland & Ms A Rutherford
Saturday 8 October Councillors Mrs P Sanderson and K Knight 
Saturday 12 November Councillors Mrs M Curran and W Morrison- at Dunsville Community Centre
Saturday 3 December Councillors D Fiennes-Gregory and Ms L Curran


Please note - Councillors may change due to illness etc.