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  Tree-planters triumph in Hatfield Dig

 Volunteer tree-planters turned out in force to plant out 333 saplings at Hatfield’s Jubilee Park with three generations completing the task in just two hours. The Rotary Club of Doncaster joined forces with Friends of Jubilee Park to help improve the ecology of the park – a big favourite with walkers and skatepark scooterists – and help combat global climate change. In their lifetime trees capture tons of carbon dioxide, a so-called greenhouse gas- from the air and transform it into wood and vital oxygen. 

Friends’ Secretary Dave Ketteridge says: It was heart-warming to see so many  young people involved brought in by their families. Two years ago we planted out 250 trees and after a scorching Summer some 150 survived. We have put them in earlier this time and expect an even better result. It is normal to lose saplings so we plan to carry on with the programme.. We have had good discussions with Hatfield Town Council and plan to create  new copses in to middle of the park. The Council have already provided a new seat and we will be installing a bird table  nearby to add to interest.”

The 20 varieties of saplings – trees and hedgerow bushes - are provided free  through The Conservation Volunteers who have an office at Potteric Carr Doncaster, and financed by Ovo Energy as part of their commitment to become carbon neutral. A new threat to the trees is the number of deer coming in from nearby woodland and nibbling  of the tips of young trees and stripping bark.

Says Dave:”We put rabbit guards around all our new plants but once the trees outgrow these they are at risk. At first we though vandals were pulling down branches  and stripping bark but then noticed bark was being nibbled and just the tips of branches being  taken off. We are getting reports of roe deer at large with their young around the Motorway services area. They are beautiful creatures but can do a lot of damage. They also hide out in fields dedicated to growing maize and willow for use in eco-friendly power stations.” 

Friends Chairman Peter Wyatt adds:” We have put a list of proposals to the Town Council for their consideration. There are tremendous opportunities to develop our local park, which our surveys show is used daily by over a hundred people. The skate park is in used constantly and is a tremendous asset to the community. I would like to thank all those unsung heroes and heroines who pick up litter every day, and everyone who picks up after their dogs. There are a small number of people who don’t pick up and fail to realise just how much everyone else hates it. ” 

Dave Ketteridge

January 2 2020






An enthusiastic member of the local community, Mr D Ketteridge is keen to set up a Friends of Jubilee Park group to involve the local community in how best this popular space can be used and looked after. The Town Council are keen to help facilitate this and look forward to working with the group once it is set up.

 If you are interested in getting involved, or would like more information about what may be planned, then please contact Mr Ketteridge on  07720053928



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