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Hatfield Town Council is a local council, so has different responsibilities from the larger unitary authority for our area which is Doncaster Council. Doncaster Council looks after and makes decisions about our roads, bins, waste collections, planning applications, social services, education, drains, local authority housing and other matters. Hatfield Town Council looks after our more local amenities such as recreation grounds, play areas and Hatfield Cemetery. In Hatfield we also have a Community Library which is run by volunteers. Contact details are all below.

Please see below for who to contact about different issues: 

If a streetlight is out- Doncaster Council

If a bin is not emptied- Doncaster Council 

If there is a hole in a road or pavement- Doncaster Council

Library opening times- Hatfield Community Library 

If a piece of play equipment is damaged- Hatfield Town Council

Planning application queries- Doncaster Council 

Parking issues- Doncaster Council/ South Yorkshire Police

Anti social behaviour in a public place- South Yorkshire Police

Enquiry about a Cemetery matter- Hatfield Town Council 

Vandalism to play equipment on a recreation ground- Hatfield Town Council 

Damage to an entry gate or fence on a recreation ground- Hatfield Town Council

Overflowing bin on a recreation ground- Hatfield Town Council 

Issue regarding a Council house property- St Leger Homes

Contact details 

Contact Doncaster Council on 01302 736000 or online here:

Contact Hatfield Town Council on 01302 840347 or by email to:

Contact South Yorkshire Police on 101 if a crime is not actually in progress, further details can be found here:

Contact St Leger Homes on 01302 862862

Contact Hatfield Community Library on 01302 842064