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Hatfield & Merksplas Twinning Association

The Hatfield & Merksplas Twinning Association was set up by the Town Council in 2007 (as a separate organisation) through its links with Corporal Harper VC, who was killed in Belgium in the Second World War (see 'Local Characters' for more information on Corporal Harper). 

The Association's aim is to contribute to a better understanding between the nations of Europe, the development of European Unity and a society of freedom and peace.

Merksplas signingThere have been exchange visits including football teams, Hatfield Band and schools and on 14 August 2010 the Town Mayor signed the formal twinning agreement at a ceremony held in Merksplas.  The Headteacher of Hatfield Woodhouse Primary School presented "friendship" boxes to the people of Merksplas, which had been prepared by the children of Hatfield Woodhouse school.  The Twinning ceremony was also attended by delegates from Grodzisk in Poland and Delligsen in Germany who also have links with Merksplas.

The Association was invited to share in the 65th Anniversary of Liberation celebrations on 19/20 September 2009 and during the celebrations, a visit was made to the memorial to Corporal Harper VC.

If your organisation is interested in forming links with counterparts in Merksplas, please contact the Town Clerk (Secretary of the Association) on 01302 840347.

Twinning Charter 1

 Twinning Charter 2